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We make it simple to find top real estate agents. To help you sell or buy your house simply, fast, and at the best price. If you decide to buy/sell the house, your real estate agent will happily negotiate the price and other conditions so you can get a better home deal.

Compare up to 3 proposals from real estate brokers in your area simply by completing a simple form. Compare and choose the best real estate broker according to your criteria whether for the buy/sell of a property. 100% Free, Fast and without commitment.


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Urban Tasker provide up to 3 agents have the expertise and gameplan to buy or sell your property safely and successfully.


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Whether selling or buying a house, it is important to choose a good real estate agent. Our platform provides high quality and professional agents that take the burden off your shoulders. Buying or selling a property has a direct impact on your budget. This is why it is so important to have the right person assisting you. Fill our application to find a real estate professional who truly meets your expectations.

A huge mistake some home sellers make when choosing a listing agent is to base their choice on lowest commission or highest listing price. Sellers naturally want the highest possible price and to pay the least possible amount of commission. As a buyer, you can benefit immensely from expert advice when choosing desirable properties within your price range. Best of all, you don’t even pay the real estate agent because the commission will come from the seller.