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    Bedroom Cleaning Regular Clean
    • All key surfaces cleaned properly.
    • Bed made and tidied
    • Furniture and electronic devices dusted.
    • Floors vacuumed and mopped properly.
    • Cobwebs removed, Rubbish removed.
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    Bathroom Cleaning Regular Clean
    • Basin and tap-ware cleaned, and polished.
    • Vanity & bench-tops surfaces cleaned properly.
    • Shower screen and walls cleaned.
    • Mirrors cleaned and polished.
    • Cobwebs removed, Rubbish removed.
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    Kitchen Cleaning Regular Clean
    • Countertops cleaned properly.
    • Cabinetry, handles, splashback surfaces cleaned.
    • Sink and tapware cleaned and polished.
    • All appliances cleaned and polished.
    • Range hood, stove-top and oven externally cleaned.
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    Living Room Area Regular Cleaning
    • All surfaces such as dining and coffee tables cleaned.
    • Lounges and sofas tidied, cushions arranged.
    • Furniture and electronic devices dusted.
    • Floor vacuumed and mopped.
    • Cobwebs removed, Rubbish removed.
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    Staircase Regular Cleaning
    • Key surfaces cleaned properly.
    • Close attention to high-touch areas such as door handles, light switches, and power points.
    • Floor and stairs vacuumed and mopped.
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    Window Clean - under 2m wide
    • Internal Window Cleaning - under 2m wide (per window) 5 mins.
    • Each window cleaned internally.
    • Each window sill/ track cleaned.
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    Clean blinds (per item)
    • Price per blind.
    • Blinds dusted or wiped.
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    Wall Spot-Cleaning (per room)
    • Spot-cleaning of all walls to remove stains, marks and scuffs (please note, this is not a complete wall wash).


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