Are You Looking to Obtain A Basement Permit?

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Basement Apartment Drawings Include

  • Site Plan
  • Existing Floor Plans
  • Proposed Floor Plans
  • Emergency Exit Design
  • Fire Seperation Design
  • Carbon Monxide & Smoke Alarm Placement

Legal Basement Apartment Permit Service Include

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    Basement Design

    We will help you design your basement with proper fire exit and fire separation that is building code compliance.

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    Building Permit Drawings

    All our designs and permit drawings are created by professionals. We are committed to turning your dream project into reality!

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    Permit Submission & Approval

    We will help you apply the building permit application on owner's behalf and help you in getting the building permit in fastest time.

Do You Want to Upgrade Your Unfinished Basement into A Legal Basement Apartment?

Compare Contractor Quotes will help you in obtaining Building Permit to legalize the basement of your house as a second rentable unit. Our associate team of professional engineers specializing in residential building permits for legal basement apartments, second units, below grade entrances, house extensions, structural changes and other residential renovations. Our contractors directly deal with the Registration Process of the city to get you the approval. We also have our own construction contractors to manage your basement construction needs.


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